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18.05.21 10:00 (Moscow time)
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General Session "The Global and Russian ESG Landscape: The Growing Importance of Banks

The need for financing the global transition to sustainable development is constantly growing. Banks are required to have a deeper understanding of the relevant context and regulatory requirements, for which they need to build up their own expertise. What determines the state of the market today and how should it be regulated? What impacts the design of investment and financial banking products? What changes at the micro- and macro-level can the widespread use of sustainable finance lead to?
Session 1: How to manage ESG and climate risks in operational business processes
Key global challenges, as well as social, market and regulatory pressure, lead to the need to update risk management processes within companies and banks. How do banks take these risks into account? What tools do they use? Why is greenwashing a bad strategy for banks and their clients? What are the climate change risks for emerging markets and what are the business opportunities of energy transition? How do the reporting standards of companies and the degree of responsibility of the verifier impact the effectiveness of risk management?
Parallel Session 2: Responsible Finance Tools and Practices
The speed and quality of the development of the market for responsible finance depends not only on regulators and banks, but also on the companies themselves, on the degree of their interest in relevant products and services. What do clients need to support their sustainable development initiatives? What products are banks ready to offer to clients? What are the differences of these products? Which side - the bank or the client - should act as a motivator in creating and offering ESG products? How and what products of responsible finance can support not only the green but also the social agenda?
Parallel Session 2: ESG principles in designing investment solutions for individuals
The Russian market is just beginning to see solutions that ensure the responsible investment of private clients' funds. How are ESG principles integrated into such products? What data do analysts rely on? How do exchanges track companies' sustainability performance? What trends and indicators are taken into account? What motivates private investors: profitability vs E&S value? What can international insurance companies offer their clients, and what are the perspectives for such products in the Russian market? Can private investors, along with institutional investors, become a driver of sustainable development? What is impact investment and how is it different from ESG?
Session 3: Are ESG ratings an indicator of the company's sustainable development?
An independent assessment of company's actions and achievements in sustainable development is a reasonable vector of development and formation of a trust for all stakeholders: investors, clients, shareholders, counterparties and society. Disclosure of ESG data increases market transparency, and independent verification and validation reduce reputation and financial risks. How do ESG ratings work and why do companies get them? How do ESG factors affect the credit rating? How does the mechanism for independent verification of green and social projects for bond issues function? During the discussion, representatives of the banking community, rating agencies, investors, corporations and NPOs will express their views on these and other issues of independent assessment in the field of sustainable development.

Pavel Orlov
TV presenter Russia 24
CEO, Rosbank

Ilya Polyakov
Michala Marcussen
CFA, Group Chief Economist and Head of Economic and Sector Research, Societe Generale
Hacina Py
Head of Impact Finance Solutions, Societe Generale
Sergey Bobylev
Dr. Econ., Prof., Head, Center for Bioeconomics and Eco-Innovation, Moscow State University (TBC)
Maxim Titov
Executive Director, ENERPO Research Center, European University at St. Petersburg
Sandrine Enguehard
Head of Cross-Product Impact Structuring, Societe Generale
Dmitry Aksakov
Vice-president, VEB.RF
Igor Makarov
Head of Faculty of World Economy and International Affairs and Head of Laboratory for Economics of Climate Change, Higher School of Economics
Gina Raso-Royer
EURO & RUSS Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Societe Generale
Mathew Nelson
TCFD member, Leader for Climate Change and Sustainability Services
EY (Australia) (TBD)
Alexey Voronov
Deputy CEO, CFO, Management Company METALLOINVEST LLC
Anton Komolov
TV & radio presenter, a member of the Supervisory Board of WWF Russia -moderator
Stephanie Clement de Givry
Global Head of Mining, Metals & Industries Finance
Alexey Ievlev
Corporate Banking Director, Rosbank
Tatyana Ambrozhevich
Head of Debt Capital Markets, Rosbank
Anna Kolomiets
Head of pre-export and trade financing, UC RUSAL, Corporate Finance
Dmitriy Enukov
Senior Vice-President, Rosbank
Holger Wehner
Head of European Product Specialist, AllianzGI

Olga Ryabova
an independent expert in social innovation area and an impact investor
Kirill Shkalov
Advisory & Financing Group Director, Rosbank -moderator

Olivier Descorps
Managing Director – Rating Advisory, Advisory & Financing Group, Societe
Jean-Claude Berthelot
Commercial Director at Sustainalytics, ESG rating
Vladimir Gorchakov
Deputy Director of the Sustainable Development Risk Assessment Group, Analytical Credit Rating Agency
Cristina Daverio
Head of ESG Research, Vigeo Eiris
Svetlana Grishankova
Managing director of Rating-Agentur Expert RA, Chairman of the advisory board, verification
Mikhail Babenko
Green economy programme director, WWF Russia
Vladimir V. Kuznetsov
Director, UN Information Centre in Moscow
Alexander Murychev
Vice President of the Russian Community of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs - Managing Director of the Financial Policy and Financial Markets Department
Eugenia Onuschenko
Director, Corporate Finance, Polymetal International plc
Head of Listing Department, Moscow Exchange

Ekaterina Nagaeva
Ravil Yusipov
deputy CEO - СIO, AM TFG
Dmitry Butrin
Deputy editor-in-chief, Kommersant Publishing House- moderator
Irina Pavlova
Директор по развитию бизнеса, Росбанк страхование
Евгения Онущенко
Директор по корпоративным финансам, Polymetal International plc
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